Contactless Payments on Capital One Wallet for Android!

It’s been super hard to not share this info as I’ve done presentations on Host Card Emulation (HCE) presentations, but on October 14th the feature I’ve been leading Android development efforts on launched! Capital One Wallet – Google Play Store. This is a project I’ve been a part of for almost a year and it’s so cool to see it in the wild and right along side of Android Pay, Samsung Pay and the rest. It supports Visa and Mastercard and is pretty awesome. Capital One was the first bank in the US to support contactless payments in an Android app and it’s super exciting to have been a part of that.

I tried to do my with presentations but it always killed me that I wasn’t able to share what we were doing. I did feel like I was able to explain how HCE works on Android, but wasn’t able to give much more info at the time. Check out my presentation video and slides from Droidcon NYC.

Tap to Pay Screen
Tap to Pay
Payment Sent Screen
Payment Sent