Debugging Android Intents

With new behaviors for apps using targetSdk=33 (Android 13) regarding Intents, it may be necessary to dive in and figure out how to make things compatible.

In doing this myself, I needed to figure out what was in the Intent, so I could handle it appropriately.

I started with this StackOverflow post, but ended up adding more info and doing it cleanly in Kotlin.

fun Intent?.toDebugString(): String {
    val intent = this ?: return ""
    return StringBuilder().apply {
        appendLine("--- Intent ---")
        appendLine("type: ${intent.type}")
        appendLine("package: ${intent.`package`}")
        appendLine("scheme: ${intent.scheme}")
        appendLine("component: ${intent.component}")
        appendLine("flags: ${intent.flags}")
        appendLine("categories: ${intent.categories}")
        appendLine("selector: ${intent.selector}")
        appendLine("action: ${intent.action}")
        appendLine("dataString: ${intent.dataString}")
        intent.extras?.keySet()?.forEach { key ->
            appendLine("* extra: $key=${intent.extras!![key]}")

Use the extension function above with println(myIntent.toDebugString()).

You can then filter Logcat with “System.out” and see the results! I hope this helps someone figure out what’s inside your Intents!