About Me

I’m currently a Staff Android Engineer at Dropbox, Google Developer Expert for Androidconference speaker, and entrepreneur. I started tinkering with Android in 2011, and after doing Android consulting off and on, I joined Capital One in 2014 to do Android full-time.  After nearly 7 years, I moved on and joined Dropbox as a Staff Engineer.

I have a passion for continuously improving the developer experience and delivering high-quality software through the use of deterministic, hermetic test automation and CI/CD. I am always learning something new, and love sharing knowledge with others via conferences talks, blogging and online instruction.

The Android platform and community is an amazing place, and I’m glad to call it home.

How I got into software development:
I wrote my first webpage in 1996 as a freshman in high school using Netscape Composer, learned HTML, C++ and Visual Basic during high school, studied Computer Science at Virginia Tech primarily using C++.  I got my first professional software engineering position in 2004 doing Java development.  While Android has been his focus in recent years, I previously worked on many projects as a full-stack web developer using Angular.  I try to keep up to date with the latest in web technologies as well. I’ve also done a fair share of server-side work, and am a big fan of PaaS services that allow me to ship code without worry about configuring AMI instances.