Android Summit 2017 Recap

This year’s Android Summit was amazing. It all started off with Kelly Shuster’s Keynote: “Design + Develop + Test” [VIDEO].

She had a lot of great tips to improve cross-team communication inefficiencies as well as a really cool tip to use different testing devices every day of the week to ensure you are testing and developing on different API versions.  She named her emulators MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY.

I was so happy to snap this picture on day 2 with Kelly after realizing we had worn the same shirt. 🙂

Some of my favorite talks were:

  • Drew Hannay – “Release & Iterate Faster: Stop Manual Testing”
  • Michael Bailey – “How Espresso Works”
  • Adrián Catalán – “Through the Looking-Glass Eyes of an Android”
  • Michael Cook – “Adaptive Icons: Case Studies & Principles of Design”
  • Dan Kim – “Getting to 100% Kotlin: A Practical Guide”
  • Annyce Davis – “First, Do No Harm”
  • Kevin Galligan – “Doppl Code Sharing”
  • Eric Maxwell – “Effective Android Data Binding”
  • Mayank Mehta – “A Practical Guide to Rx Streams”
  • and more…

And of course it is always great to hang out with members of the Android community.

Looking forward to Android Summit 2018!