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DroidCon Montreal 2015

DroidCon Montreal

DroidCon Montreal was AWESOME.  Hands down the best Android conference I’ve ever attended.  There were so many great speakers and sessions that shared tips on Android from the community level instead of straight from Google (like Google I/O).  I felt like I was at a hollywood party with all of these amazing developers that I look up to and use their code in my own projects.

I am going to be doing a series which will touch on the cool things I learned from the conference and go into detail on each.  Here are the topics I hope to cover and as I write posts, I will link them here.

  • Debug Modes for Android Apps
  • Leveraging RxJava
  • Writing Gradle Plugins
  • Monitoring App Crashing with Crashlytics
  • GRPC
  • Charles Proxy
  • Images on Android w/Picasso, Thumbor & More
  • Testing on Android
  • Material Design & Transitions
  • SDK & Android Library Design
  • Supporting Offline Apps
  • Recycler View

In the meantime, checkout the keynote from Jesse Wilson and Jake Wharton about Open Source.